Hunting Areas

1. North West:

The North West offers far more than the big five. Our magnificent¬†animal kingdom includes an abundance of lesser known animals and a wide spectrum of bird life. The North West is a province blessed with several cultural villages that entertain and enrich as they interpret South Africa’s people. The space and tranquilly of the North West provides a welcome change of pace, a relatively peaceful province which poses no malaria threat and has a year round sunny climate.

2. Free State:

The Free State is the agricultural heart of South Africa. Impressive game reserves exist in the Free State. The grassy plains in the south provide ideal conditions for large herds of plain game such as black wildebeest and springbok. The ridges, koppies and plains typical of the northern section are home to kudu, red hartebeest, white rhino and buffalo. The African wildcat, Zebra, Eland and wild dog can also be seen.

3. Limpopo:

Formerly the Northern Transvaal, the Northern Province is tree country and home to a wide variety of wildlife. There is a wide diversity of habitats in the province, ranging from the tropical Letaba Valley, densely wooded Soutpansberg ranges in the north and scorched mopane veld with bewitching Baobab trees. The quaint towns and villages of the area are enhanced by the spectacular world-renowned Kruger National Park and many other beautiful and intriguing private reserves. This province is an area of ancient forests and majestic waterfalls. Myths and legends abound and it is here that the mysterious north east Venda people are found.

4. Eastern Cape:

The Eastern Cape is one of the most diverse areas in South Africa with regards to wildlife, culture and scenery. The area is world renown as one of the top hunting destinations due to the variety of species that call the area home, as well as the diversity in types of hunting activities. Culturally the area is home to the Xhosa speaking people who partake in some unique rituals. The area is also bordered by the Indian Ocean, thus visitors can expect to see some astonishing beaches en-route. Both inland and offshore fishing adventures are also available in the area.