Kudu Adventure Safaris offers a diverse range of hunting adventures:

Bird hunting

Kudu Adventure Safaris is situated in the Free State Province, roughly in the middle of South Africa. Due to a diverse habitat and mixed farming practices, we can boast with the biggest variety of shootable game birds in the country. These birds range from the humble common quail to the impressive spur wing goose.

We shoot the following game bird species in our part of the country: Guinea fowl, francolin (two species), quail, Egyptian and Spur wing geese, three species of duck, rock pigeon and three species of doves. We start shooting rock pigeons and doves from the beginning of February and continue to do so right through the shooting season. We start shooting the upland game birds and waterfowl from the middle of April and up to the end of August.

The pigeon and dove shooting is high volume stuff. One could expect clients to shoot between 300 and 800 shots per day, with a kill rate of 20 % to 60 %, depending on the skill of the hunter. The best time of the year to shoot pigeons and doves is from the beginning of March to the middle of June. For the Egyptian and Spur wing geese one could expect a bag of between 5 and 10 birds per hunter per outing, with the official bag limit of 10 birds /gun/day. We shoot them from pit blinds and decoy them in to the guns. With ducks, once again, one could expect a bag of 5 to 10 birds/gun/day. Ducks are shot on and near smaller dams and pans, from hides, and sometimes decoyed. The best time of the year to hunt ducks and geese is from May to end of August.

The francolin and guinea fowl are either walked up over German shorthaired pointers or driven, especially towards the end of the season. Although the driven shooting can be very spectacular and successful, we prefer to walk them up over the dogs. One could expect a bag of 7 to 10 birds/gun/day. The best time for guinea fowl and francolin is from end of April to the end of August.

I would recommend 5 to 6 shooting days per safari. Please take note that we don’t shoot on Sundays. The clients will fly here (to Bloemfontein Airport) and back over weekends and would thus only lose one working week. It will give the clients more than enough time to sample everything we have on offer.

R4 500 per hunter (All prices quoted in S.A. Rand):

  • Per hunter per day R4 500
  • Daily rate, observers per day R2 000
  • Extra night
  • Ammo: To be quoted…
Included: Excluded:
  • Transfers to and from Bloemfontein Airport
  • Accommodation, catering and laundry
  • Shooting licenses and permits
  • All birds shot
  • All transport to and from shooting venues
  • Field staff, dogs, decoys and blinds
  • Field preparation of trophies
  • Accommodation and catering for ONE Professional Hunter, accompanying the clients
  • Trophy fees for plains game
  • Taxidermy fees and shipment of trophies
  • Ammunition
  • Hiring of firearms
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities


  • Minimum of two shooting days
  • Deposit of at least R 15 000 per booking per Bird shooting Group, payable A.S.A.P

We at Kudu Adventure Safaris, continue to acquire new concessions for all the bird species in order to offer you outstanding shooting every time you visit us.

Big 5 Safaris

Over the years Kudu Adventure Safaris has built up a reputation as one of the leading big game outfitters in Southern Africa and Zimbabwe. We offer a range of dangerous game safaris from the intimidating Elephant to the illusive Leopard.

Disabled Hunts

Over the years Kudu Adventure safaris has had the opportunity to guide a number of disabled hunters on African safaris. We pride ourselves in offering disabled hunters the opportunity to hunt some of the greatest landscapes in Africa, and make it out mission to ensure that they have an enjoyable time while doing so.

Bow Hunting

If you’re a serious Bow hunter, South Africa is the place to hunt. Very few hunters who have brought their bows to South Africa have left disappointed. Kudu Adventure Safaris, personal service and commitment to excellence is second to none. We have a high success rate on trophy animals and quality bow hunting experience. The average shot distance is 22 yards or less and blinds are strategically placed to maximize bow opportunities. The style of hunting provides excellent spot and stalk opportunities for hunters. Nevertheless the terrain for bow hunting in Africa is excellent.

Anatomy and shot placement on African animals is different than on North American big game. An arrow tucked behind the shoulder may be perfect placement for an Elk, but on most African animals will result a single lung or “paunch” hit. Professional Hunters will discuss shot placement before your hunt, but good reference books are available and are recommended for the first time Africa Hunter.

Most bow hunters are surprised at the size and the strength of African animals, but a well placed arrow is deadly on a 1 600 pound Eland as it is on a 150 pound whitetail deer Heavy arrows and sturdy fixed blade broadheads are strongly recommended.